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Catch Me... If You Can

Belladonna Lee
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Greetings to all, this is Belladonna, or Bella for short. I am over the age of 18.

This is my haven, where I rant about writing, books, music, anime, manga, films, games and just about anything that contains a narrative. I also occasionally post Harry Potter fanfics here, mainly Draco/Harry, though I've written about other pairings as well. I've also written several fanfics from various anime and/or manga series.

Some of my favourite genre: Gothic horror, psychological horror, suspense/mystery, hard-boiled/film noir, slice-of-life, plus a dash of water-coloured almost-romance and much melancholy.

Please hop over to my Fanfiction.net account or my AO3 account for my fanfics, or you can just go to the link "My Fanfic Masterlist" on the side bar of my journal. Have a nice day!

My AO3 account: Here
My FF.net account: Here